A Catalog of Monsters for The Fury of the Northmen roleplaying game


elcome to the Bestiary of the Four Kingdoms—the guide to the monsters for The Fury of the Northmen game setting! On this website you will find all the extraordinary creatures that PCs will encounter in the setting, whether sailing from the Viking lands to the British Isles or in the Four Kingdoms themselves.

 The Bestiary consists of three types of creatures: those taken directly from Angelcynn (Anglo-Saxon) folklore, those taken directly from Viking folklore and mythology, and those which are extrapolations from Angelcynn folklore or Viking mythology. For all three, the descriptions and blocks of statistics and abilities and powers are either straight from the folktales and legends, or directly inspired by them. This means that some of your old favorites, like the dragons, will be changed a little bit from what you’re used to, and other monsters, like the demons, will be changed a great deal. But trust me: it’s all historically accurate to the folktales and legends and myths. You'd be surprised at how little I was required to make up for these monsters. 

As with the rest of The Fury of the Northmen, the contents of the Bestiary are heavily influenced by Dungeons & Dragonstm. The debt that the Bestiary owes to the Monster Manualtm is obvious, and the monsters in the Bestiary are written to work in conjunction with Wizard of the Coast’s System Reference Document 5.1 (hereafter “SRD5”), the core of Fury of the Northmen, although all of the monsters in the Bestiary are my creation. 

If you’re an experienced GM or are well-read in the Viking myths, a few of the write-ups may surprise you, for I’ve added a few twists, made some monsters three-dimensional (or at least two-and-a-half dimensional), and in general adapted them to work with SRD5. These are the official monsters for The Fury of the Northmen. But “official” doesn’t mean “only do it my way.” If you can think of a better way to write up a monster from the folktales and myths than the way I did it, or if there are obvious monsters that I didn’t include that are more suitable for your campaign than the monsters in the Bestiary, do it your way! It’s your game world and your game, after all.


The Bestiary is one of three parts of The Fury of the Northmen, the other two being the books Player’s Guide and the World Book. The Bestiary, unlike the Player's Guide but like the World Book, is intended for use by GMs rather than players. Use it to populate your game world, and provide your players with monstrous opponents for their characters to fight.

The Bestiary includes, in Appendix B, a list of 50 sample encounters involving the monsters of the Bestiary. I don’t go into detail about those encounters, nor does the World Book contain guidelines for creating encounters with the monsters of the Bestiary. I’m assuming that you, the GM reading this, has experience in running scenarios and campaigns and won’t need us telling you how to do it.

But I would encourage you to read this book while consulting the World Book’s sections on the landscapes of the Four Kingdoms. The Fury of the Northmen has a very specific setting: England in the years 865-871. The monsters included in the Bestiary were chosen for those landscapes (and for the seas around England). Place is an important part of this game, and while you are, naturally, free to play the game the way you want, our suggestion is that you place the monsters where they best fit in the Four Kingdoms or outside them.  


Some of the creatures included in this book may be encountered by PCs while at sea, on their way to the Four Kingdoms from the Viking lands. Some of the creatures in this book are purely of the Viking lands, or from the Nine Worlds. But most of the monsters in this book exist in the Four Kingdoms or were carried to the Four Kingdoms on Viking ships or were sent to the Four Kingdoms by the Æsir.

A Northmen GM should feel free to throw any of these creatures (level-appropriately, of course) at their PCs. And certainly, a Northmen GM can use these monsters in whatever way they want to. But there are two things worth noting about monsters in the England of this game setting: 

1. The first is that the primary threat to England (besides the Vikings) is the fae, in all their many manifestations. The British Isles (as everyone knows) are haunted by the fae; the only portals to and from Faerie are on the British Isles; the only small communities of the fae are on the British Isles. For whatever reason—GMs should feel free to provide their own or simply keep it mysterious and unknowable—the fae have a particular hatred for the residents of the British Isles. From a structural, meta-gaming point of view, in The Fury of the Northmen the only intelligent native species of the British Isles besides humanity are the fae, and it’s understandable that the two should clash. Such a clash is also a part of traditional British folklore. Humans have what fae want—land, souls, and bodies (for fae slaves)—and the humans of the Four Kingdoms are warriors who don’t want to yield to the fae, and express that sentiment with fire, magic, and iron.

Each of the Four Kingdoms are home to numerous fae, but the great majority of the fae are most commonly found in Northumbria and in Cornwall. Those fae found to the south and east are usually among the more intelligent kind of fae and can be considered infiltrators and spies in addition to deadly nuisances. Although the fae regularly bedevil the inhabitants of the Four Kingdoms, humans rarely make a concerted effort to kill them, seeing it as pointless—everyone knows that the fae of Faerie are as numerous as the drops of water in the ocean—and, now that the Vikings are invading, a diversion from the real threat to the Four Kingdoms.

2. The second thing worth noting is that the overall population of monsters of any kind on the British Isles and especially in the Four Kingdoms is relatively low, especially compared to the standard fantasy roleplaying games. One of the basic assumptions of this game is that England is as populous and civilized as it was in real life in 865; this being the case, there isn’t as much room for monsters of any kind as there is in the standard fantasy roleplaying game. So, GMs should throw human opponents at the PCs much more often than is the norm—as much as 50% of the time the PCs should be fighting human foes, not monsters. There is a war on, after all, and there are plenty of human opponents (and their monstrous allies) to fight no matter which side you’re on. And since humans can be any of the character classes listed in the Player’s Guide, and can theoretically possess any of the armor, weapons, and treasures listed in the World Book, humans can be any level or CR opponent, from l to 20 and even beyond. Throw in animal, beast, and other monstrous allies or minions, and you’ll have just as much of a challenge for a party of PCs as if you’d put together a monster-only encounter or scenario.


The Bestiary contains the following monster types, each of which has features unique to that type. Unless otherwise noted, all creatures of a certain type possess the features, abilities, and powers mentioned below:


For ease of use I’ve added a few symbols next to creatures’ names in their entries, to indicate whether the creature is the product of:


In The Fury of the Northman there are a few new rules that don’t exist in the standard roleplaying game and which are new to Northmen

In the Northmen setting there are no monsters on the British Isles or the Viking lands that have never been encountered before and spoken and sung of. There are no surprise hostiles for humans to encounter; humans have been living on the British Isles and in the Viking lands for centuries, and every non-human being, benign or malign, has been encountered by people in the past, people who told stories about the non-human beings, stories that were turned into myths, legends, fables, poems, and songs by the bards.

Consequently, unless specifically mentioned otherwise, any adult Angelcynn NPC or PC will recognize any England-based monster they encounter, and any adult Viking NPC or PC will recognize any Scandinavia-based monster they encounter. The NPC or PC still must make the appropriate ability/skill check to remember specific details about the monsters they encounter, but general impressions—“terrifying,” “man-eating,” “actually good despite its looks”—will be automatically remembered by the NPCs and PCs. 

These general impressions appear in the Reaction To line in each monster’s entry. Included in some monsters’ Reaction To lines are modifiers to dice rolls, like “Disadvantage on first round action;” these modifers apply to NPCs only.

Tiny creatures receive a +2 bonus to Armor Class due to their size; Small creatures receive a +1 bonus to Armor Class due to their size. The smaller a creature, the more difficult it is to hit.

 Reusers of the material from these pages can redistribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, as long as attribution is given to me, Jess Nevins. However, only noncommercial uses of the material are permitted, and attribution must be given to me. 

THE MONSTERS                                                                                                                                                              ANIMALS    

Abbot of Hell                            Corpse Crab                                    Clay Flárjǫtunn                     Lesser Jǫtunn                      Skin-Changer                                 Bear          

Adonnet                                    Cù Sìdhe                                            Iron Flárjǫtunn                       Surtr                                     Skratta                                           Boar

Ægir's Daughter                        Dancing Weapons                            Sand Flárjǫtunn                     Úvættr                                      Spawn of Fenrir                                Dolphin

Ælfes                                            Dancing Spear                           Forað                                   King's Wolf                             Spawn of Jǫrmungandr                  Eagle                                                          

   Ælf Queen                              Dangerous Stone                          Fylgja                                  Kitch-Witch                             Spawn of Jǫrmungandr Draugr      Elder Wolf                               

   Ælf Warrior                            Demon                                          Gandreið                             Knark-Vogen                            Spirit of the Forest                           Falcon

   Ælf Witch-Knight                  Devil From Hell                           Garmr                                  Kraken                                      Spriggan                                            Goat

Álfblóð                                        Devils                                              Ghost                                  Land Spirit                                Stone Thegn                                  Horse

   Ljósálfbloð                                Devil of the Air                         Giant Animals                     Legionnaire Wraith                  Surtr                                               Mastiff

   Svartálfbloð                               Devil of the Earth                         Giant Bee                        Lesser Jǫtunn                           Surtr-Thrall                                    Owl        

Angelcynn Dragon                          Devil of the Flames                         Giant Bear                         Lesser Trǫll                                  Svábet                                                 Raven

Angels                                       Dís                                                   Giant Boar                       Lhiannan-Shee                         Svartálfbloð                                   Serpent

   Cherub                                    Divine Animals                               Giant Eagle                      Light Elf                                  Swan Maiden                                 Shark

   Messenger Angel                        Divine Boar                                       Giant Grass Serpent         Living Shadow                           Swarm of Wasps                               Squirrel        

   Warrior Angel                               Divine Falcon                                    Giant Serpent                    Ljósálfbloð                                  Switched Man                                   Whale

Angrboða's Children                      Divine Goat                                   Giants                                      Loki-Spawn                                Thegn of the Lord                             Wolf

Angry Corpse                                Divine Horse                                     Ciuthach                             Lubber Fiend                              Thorblóð  

Animal Spirit                                   Divine Lynx                                      Eóten                                   Man-Dragon                           Thyrs   

Animated Objects                           Divine Mammoth                             Or-mæde                             Mara                                            Trǫlls

   Animated Bear Rug                     Divine Owl                                   Gifr & Geri                             Mata                                                Elder Trǫll  

   Animated Cunning Woman's Broomstick                                       Goðormr Spawn                    Mearcstapa                                     Greater Trǫll                

A'telic Aac                                        Divine Raven                               Grav-so                                    Mermaid                                         Lesser Trǫll 

Attercop                                            Divine Rooster                             Greater Draugar                     Messenger Angel                          Sea Trǫll 

Awakened Tree                                Divine Shark                                    Greater Jǫtunn Draugar    Mistlechild                                 Uamhas                                         

Banahǫgg                                          Divine Wolf                                     Greater Trǫll Draugar        Mistletoe Creeper                     Ullr's Quiver                            

Baobhan Sith                                 Dragons                                           Greater Jǫtunn                        Móðguðr                                     Unclean Spirit

Barrow Bróga                                   Angelcynn Dragon                     Greater Trǫll                           Monstrum                                   Unicorn                 

Basilisk                                              Viking Dragon                            Green Children                       Moor Mermaid                          Úvættr                         

Bealælf                                           Dragon-Draugr                               Griffin                                      Nár                                               Valkyrie

Bee Guardian                                Drakes                                              Grim Tidings                          Nicor                                            Valravn 

Ben Síde                                           Fire Drake                                     Guardian of the Well            Night Hag                                    Vardǫgl

Billy Blin                                         Sea Drake                                     Hel Boar                              Night Raven                           Viking Dragon

Black Annis                               Draugar                                       Hel Horse                            Nithing Pole                               Wægbórd                                                               

Black Elf                                           Dragon-Draugr                            Hel Serpent                            Or-mæde                                      Wælcyrge

Blue Man                                          Fighter Draugr                             Hel Spider                              Orc                                                War Crow

Boar Woman                              Drowned Man                             Hel-Stallion                        Padfoot                                         Warrior Angel

Bòchdan                                        Dwarf                                           Hel Wolf                                 Phantasm                                     Water Horse

Bog Wife                                       Eagle-Head                                       Hel's Handmaiden               Plant Men                                    Werewolf

Boggart                                          Einherjar                                           Hell Child                              Priest of Nodens Wraith           Whisperer

Bogle                                                 Einheri                                           Hellhound                              Radiant Boy                                Wise One

Boneless                                           Einheri Berserk                            Hlaupar                                   Redcap                                         Wisht Hound

Bregnes                                             Einheri Priest of Thor                    Bear-hlaupr                         River-Man                                  Witch's Hut     

Bucca                                                Einheri War Chief                           Boar-hlaupr                         Rosualt                                        Wolf-Nár

Bullbeggar                                     Elder Jǫtunn                                       Horse-hlaupr                       Rune Stone                                 Wonder People

Cauld Lad                                      Elder Trǫll                                          Wolf-hlaupr                         Saint                                            Wooden Man

Centaur                                          Elder Mother                                   Hob                                          Sand Flárjǫtunn                         Wraith

Changeling                                    Elk-Man                                           Hræsvelgr's Flock                 Sea Bishop                              Wyrm

Ciuthach                                        Eóten                                                 Infernal Animal                     Sea Drake                                   Wyvern

Clay Flárjǫtunn                            Fae Spirit                                         Infernal Fire Spirit                 Sea Serpent                                Yggdrasill Witch

Cherub                                      Fenrir                                           Iron Flárjǫtunn                    Sea Trǫll  

Clockwork Warrior                     Fetch                                                  Jehanne Greenteeth              Sea Wolf  

Colt-Pixy                                      Fiend-Whale                                     Jǫrmungandr                          Serra 

Corn Giant                                   Fighter Draugr                              Jǫtnar                                     Sharp Jehanne                            

Corn Mother                                Fire Drake                                            Angrboða's Children         Shepherd  

Cornish Hare                            Fjandr                                                  Elder Jǫtunn                        Siren    

Corpse Candle                             Flárjǫtnar                                             Greater Jǫtunn                    Skeleton